Format: (22 x 30′)

Genre: Teen, Live Action Drama

The biggest risk of all is missing out!

RISK is the story of six teenagers, experiencing everyday issues on their own terms, in London – one of the world’s most exciting cities – where anything can happen. And whatever it is, whatever you want, you’ve got to make it happen. It’s about realistic stories of teens dealing with issues of the day – college, love friendship, betrayal, work, sex – just growing up in the heart of the city. And let’s face it…the best way to get something done is to start.

R…unning to keep ahead. Running wild before adult responsibility, before family, mortgage, and the loads that are put around your neck in the adult world.

I…ntense conversation and confrontation about the issues that matter. And on the journey, take some chances…break some rules…question authority.

S…exy London. Cool Britannia. The clubs, cafes, shops, fashion, theatre, music and culture. The things that make this city a magnet for teens from around the world.

K…een to experience life to the fullest. Be yourself, say what you mean and mean what you say.

Take a RISK!!