Prairie Berry Pie

Prairie Berry Pie

Format: (26 x 30′)

Genre: Pre-School

Prairie Berry Pie has rhyme, rhythm, song and story. Targeted to children aged two to six, kids learn preschool social skills like sharing, honesty and trust while they explore the fascinating world of prairies and plains. A penthouse set atop a grain elevator, decorated in bright bold colors and overlooking a sea of grain fields and grasslands, is home to Brenda and her friends. Prairie Berry Pie delivers quality children’s programming with stories, sing-a-longs, and smiles by the bucket.

Award-winning musician, entertainer and recording artist Brenda Baker stars as friend and mentor to two puppets, a prickly porcupine named Clementine, and Sasha, a cute cuddly skunk. From their penthouse home, Brenda and her puppet friends welcome special guests each week. Guests include: two wonderfully funny brothers, Franklin and Gridley; David, a first nations story teller who visits with drum, song and story; Mackenzie, a young girl with answers to everything, provides a different way of looking at ideas explored and lessons learned.

Music is a key component in Prairie Berry Pie and Brenda’s melodic voice, cheery personality and bright smile will captivate and delight young viewers. A soundtrack of traditional and original children’s songs makes the show complete.