Incredible Story Studios

Incredible Story Studios

Format: (65 x 30′)

Genre: Teen, Live Action Drama

Incredible Story Studio is the place where kid’s stories are made into MOVIES! Each half-hour episode showcases two kid’s stories which are adapted into 10 minute, live action TV dramas.

The Studio Boss: The series is anchored by the Studio Boss – a comical kid character based on the old Hollywood movie moguls of the 1940’s. With lots of savvy and movie mogul charm, she introduces each week’s “movies” starring actors and authors, while giving viewers a comical behind-the-scenes look at her movie studio.

Kid Writers: The unique kid’s point of view of the series comes straight from the heart of Incredible Story Studio: the kid writers and their stories.

Kid Stories: Wacky, spooky, scary, touching, sometimes a little bizarre, these are the types of stories kids like to write, and watch! What can you expect from Incredible Story Studio? A haunted cheese, botched love potions, a monster zit with a mind of its own, student zombies, robot teachers, goofy grown ups, girls and gangsters… and that’s just a start!