Without Malice

Without Malice

Feature Film

Genre: Suspense

A weekend hunting adventure takes a deadly twist when an innocent man is murdered in Without Malice, starring Craig Sheffer (The Fall, Fire in the Sky, A river Runs Through It) Jennifer Beals (The Last Days of Disco, Devil in a Blue Dress, Flashdance, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle), Corey Haim (National Lampoon’s Last Resort, The Lost Boys, Lucas) and Gabrielle Anwar (The Three Musketeers, Scent of a Woman).

Successful plastic surgeon, Paul Venters (Sheffer), grudgingly agrees to take his fiance’s (Anwar) brother, Marty Pollard (Haim) – a recovering drug user with a criminal record – on what is supposed to be a rehabilitative weekend hunting trip in the wilderness.

Searching for a site to pitch their tent, Paul and Marty are alarmed when they stumble upon an enormous grizzly bear. And excellent marksman, Venters aims and fires but only manages to wound the creature as it retreats into the woods. Stalking the bear to finish the kill, the hunters draw their guns as a nearby bush begins to shake, and blindly fire as a large shape bursts into the open space – then drops out of sight. Marty reaches their prey first, and is horrified to see that the bullets intended for the grizzly bear have claimed the life of game warden Nick Evason.