Feature Film

Genre: Coming of Age Drama

Set against the rugged landscape and harsh social climate of Canada in the 1860’s, Lyddie is the inspiring story of a teenage girl’s journey of self-discovery from a backwoods farm to the heart of the industrial age.

When a marauding bear terrorizes their cabin, Lyddie Worthen’s family is split up and Lyddie is sent out to work. Running away, Lyddie meets a fugitive slave whose courageous struggle to free his family inspires her to pay off the debt on the farm and reunite her own family.

Traveling to the city to find a job in one of the cotton mills, Lyddie enters a world that is both terrifying and exciting. Working conditions are poor, the looms are a constant hazard and the overseer ever more demanding.

Lyddie’s fierce independence and stubborn spirit are tested as she struggles to reach her objective but do not deter her from enrolling in a woman’s college.

Excellent family entertainment.