Eli's Lesson

Eli's Lesson

Feature Film

Genre: Inspirational/Family

Eli Hoffer (Robbie Bowen) is a young Hutterite boy who dreams of one day becoming a pilot. But, the strict confines of both the traditional Hutterite culture and an uncompromising uncle (Kenneth Welsh) leave little hope of those dreams ever coming true.

So, in a desperate attempt to hang onto that dream, Eli flees the security of the colony and ends up in the big city hopelessly trapped by a gang of street kids on the strangest night of the year – Halloween.

Bent on pulling off the perfect little crime, the gang makes Eli an unwitting accomplice to their plan propelling him into a confrontation with a mysterious war vet (Jack Palance). And in a moment of truth, he discovers the power of friendship and forgiveness,and then his dream really takes flight.